Seed2Stone's Origin Story -

Seed2Stone's Origin Story

Hi! I'm Amy, Founder of

My two sisters will tell you I have been making them jewelry, forever. The older one still has some oven dried, modeling clay earrings and a very heavy, pendant necklace I gave her for her 11th birthday. I stopped playing with clay when I went to business school at McGill, worked in advertising, then went to Parsons School of Design.

I kept making jewelry, but since that chunky gift many decades ago, my materials, and style have become much more refined 

In my almost 30 years as a designer, manufacturer and executive in the diamond jewelry business, I saw the same generic styles at the same high prices year after year. NOTHING had changed in the industry for almost a century. 

Until 2019.  

The FTC ruled that a diamond is a diamond, regardless of its source. Meaning, lab-grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically the same as mined diamonds. 

  • Grandma’s mined diamonds are nice but they cost so much more: to your wallet and to our planet and to the people who live where mined diamonds are produced. Diamond mines are a major cause of deforestation and leave huge craters in the earth.
  • Most people don't discover the violent conflicts involved in diamond mining until a diamond is already on their finger. I don’t want anyone to look at their hand with regret every day. 

This was the change the fine diamond jewelry industry needed! The seed to create something new was planted in my home office, in Brooklyn, New York.

  • I am inspired by Brooklyn’s vibrant street life of 24/7 neighborhoods; the diversity of people and the magical places, sounds and food. 
  • What I love most of all, is the street style. Everyone has a unique way of expressing themselves, with the clothes they wear, the tattoos they show (or don’t show) and the jewelry they choose.
  • I am also a mother to two Gen Z young men. I saw the next generation turning away from traditional diamond jewelry due to its stagnant environmental practices and ethics, lack of individual style and overtly high-brow perception. 

It would be a great loss to both the diamond industry and the next-gen consumers to miss out on all that sparkle. 

So I decided it was time to change how, when, where and why diamonds show up:

-   HOW?  With sustainably produced, recycled sterling silver and 14K gold and with lab-grown diamonds. That means top quality materials, high quality manufacturing and no destruction to the environment.

-   WHEN? On YOUR own schedule - With low prices, there is no need to wait for someone to give you diamonds. You can gift yourself AND a bestie.

-   WHERE?  In nostrils and septums, in lobes, daith, helix, and rooks (aka all ear parts), on wrists and necks, hands, belly buttons, eyebrows… You get the idea.

-   WHY? Because we can all own our own sparkle…forever.

You could say I'm still making jewelry for my sisters. I design the jewelry I know today's women want to wear, everyday and ALL day.

I want to see everyone shine and do so in their own style.

Here are my favorites...right now!

Sparkle Better®,


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