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A busy woman's life hacks!

A busy woman's life hacks!

Sleep has always been elusive to me. When I was a kid, I would read books, way too late into the night. As a young mom, a hungry premature infant got me up several times a night, for A YEAR. Once he settled down, number 2 came along and the night-time human yo-yo routine began all over again. 

Baby stuff grew into older kid interruptions, then mid-life worries got me pacing the house in the dark. And I'm sure it is not just me, but I have my best sleep right before the alarm goes off.

And when the alarm goes off, the day gets going. And the day doesn't care if we're tired, rushed, over committed or stressed.

We all need life hacks - those tricks and time-savers that help us get on with it!

Here are my top 5 - nothing new here, just kind of obvious but easy to forget mini-interventions that shave time and stress off my morning routine.

1. Put your clothes out the night before. Make good decisions based on weather and activities, not sleepy confusion.

2. Accept that a pony-tail or cute hat is a perfectly acceptable hair style. 

3. Simplify your make-up routine. Moisturizer, concealer, one product for cheeks, eyes and lips.

4. Prep lunch, if possible for the whole week. A little pre-planning saves time, money and cortisol, the stress hormone, from ruining your day.


5. Wear leave-on, sleep-in jewelry. Focus on flat back studs for comfort.

Secure snap, tiny hoops that close with a confident click and stay that way. No poke behind your ear. No hair in the clasp or chin in the way of a sleek choker.

We make leave-on, sleep-in, workout, go out jewelry, so you can Sparkle Better®.

Nighty night!



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