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6 Must-Have Summer Pieces According to Amy

6 Must-Have Summer Pieces According to Amy

Seasonal Refresh!

More Time! Less Stress! 

Call me too busy, or maybe just practical, but years ago, amid the chaos of raising young kids and growing a business, I went in search of jewelry I could leave-on and sleep-in.
There is something about waking up with diamonds on that makes the whole waking up part better.
That is why this is an entire category of styles here at Seed2Stone. These are the reliable pieces that, just like a favorite pair of great fitting jeans, will not let you down.

Here is what I am wearing right now. Most pieces are leave-on, sleep-in styles.


This Twin Single Diamond Hoop is what started my recent journey into MIXED METALS. I love how the highly polished, yellow gold sets off the lab-grown diamonds and adds interest to my otherwise white metal look.
I wear the 5mm and 6.5mm in my second and third piercing.
The Pavé-All-Day Diamond Hoop is an all time favorite of our S2S team. This classic looks great on everyone and is worn differently by many. I wear the XSmall (7mm) in my primary piercing and a single Micro (5mm) version in my upper cartilage.
This Wide Cyclops ear cuff is the most recent yellow gold addition to my daily wear. I love the boldness of this cuff and how the lab-grown diamond sets off from the center, giving it a clean and stylish look. It adds something different to everyone.
I love the ease of sliding this Pavé-All-Day Bracelet on. Some of you tell me you like it a bit loose, but I wear it tight on my wrist, sometimes layering it with another slide bracelet to make more of a statement.    
I absolutely love the Center of Attention Pendant. So effortless and comfortable! This was the second yellow gold piece I added to my daily wear. It looks amazing alone, or layered with other necklaces and stands out with open neck shirts or sundresses. 
This Perfect Pear Horseshoe Ring is a long-time favorite, inspired by an old ring I designed decades ago and made current by the PEAR trend that I love so much. It fits any finger in a fresh way. I wear it generally on my middle finger (lol) but can easily give it a squeeze and slide it on to my ring finger.

I hope this gives you the inspiration to find your own signature look this summer: set it, forget it and get on with your life!

Sparkle Better®, Amy



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