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Create your signature layered look by mixing and matching styles and lengths!

Create your signature layered look by mixing and matching styles and lengths!

Find your signature layered look, set it and forget it!

Summer dressing brings so many wonderful delights - sandals, sundresses, tank tops, t-shirts, Capri pants, cargo shorts, flip flops and bathing suits. Once it is time to ditch the scarf around my neck, I instantly want to wear open collar shirts and sleeveless tops. Thankfully, I wear a stack of short necklaces ALL the time; day and night all year round.

This is a great time to think about what things can adorn our now visible necks and how to refresh our winter-long looks. Layering necklaces - various stones and shapes, worn at differing lengths, create a scene, a solo show and you are the star.





With Seed2Stone's built-in, three clasp options, you control the length of your layers. Short and chunky, long and lean and everything in between means loads of choice. Change the length and you can create different looks for different vibes; higher neckline shirt, up-do hair, workout, work and out for the night. Or set it and forget it!

Here is how I do it. I like to start with something really short and choker-like. Then I  add a slightly longer heavier chained pendant. This gives some mix to the look with a differenent chain (Muse necklace, paperclip chain). Next in I add a larger pendant but leave it a bit longer, especially in the warmer months where I have more skin showing, for more interest. I change the look sometimes, but I am definitely a set-it-and-forget it time or patience to fuss and I always have my sparkle on!

3 necklaces = 27 unique possibilities to create your signature layered look!

With so many combinations, I know you will find your signature layered look - that curated grouping of lab-grown diamond pendants and chokers - they will brighten and frame your face like your own personal ring light. 

Don't stress it!! There is no WRONG way to layer necklaces. There is only YOUR way and that is always right.

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