These cuffs SLIDE ON and STAY on!

Easy-on comfortable cuffs you will love!

No piercing needed.

Try stacking, mixing, and styling your way.


Top = Mid Ear Cuff: Solo Sparkle Ear Cuff

Center = Low Ear Cuff: Pave-All-Day Ear Cuff

Bottom = Perfectionist Hoop


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The highest price is $895.00


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How to put on an ear cuff.

Start up high and gently push the cuff all the way around your cartilage, so that it gets into the ear. Pull down until you feel it is holding and do a little test, pulling it and making sure it is on.

  • 30% LESS cost than mined diamonds

  • Recycled sterling silver and 14K gold

  • Quality made to last a lifetime

  • Adjustable lengths and sizes for all

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

  • Great gift for a special occasion

    "I bought this for my daughter's graduation. She loves it and wears it everyday. It has just the right amount of serious sparkle and blends with everything she already has."

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  • Free Returns

    We don't want you to like it, we want you to LOVE your jewelry. Let us help you find your perfect piece, whether it is for a perfect fit, a perfect gift or just the most likely to be loved, let us help you get there.

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  • One Purchase = One Tree Planted

    At Seed2Stone, we not only protect the planet by growing our diamonds in a lab vs. disruptive mining, we also put a tree in the ground for every piece of jewelry we sell.

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Expect Better

Lab-created diamond earrings are completely indistinguishable from mined diamonds. In fact, they’re chemically, visually, and physically identical in every way. All of our metals are certified recycled, ensuring that our silver and gold are sourced above ground. When you shop lab-made diamond earrings at Seed2Stone, you’re standing up for the environment.