Our Flat Back Studs Are Your New Best Friends

Our Flat Back Studs Are Your New Best Friends

If you have ears, there is a high likelihood that you have at least one pierced. Most common, are two, single-pierced lobes. But the past 50 years have seen an explosion in multiple lobe piercings and seismic growth in other ear parts, noses, lips - the list goes on.

Regardless of where you pierce, the most comfortable, secure and easy to wear studs have a flat, smooth backside. Our 14K yellow and white gold Flat Back Studs, have a surgical grade titanium post for extra comfort and safety for alternative piercing. 

They also feature a threaded post to secure your lab-grown diamond setting with confidence.

Since you insert them from behind and screw on the lab-grown diamonds setting, you have no pokey post. No coming loose. No getting hair caught on sharp edges. NO sharp edges!

Gone are your weekend mall hangouts - you are a grown-up and so can be your multiple piercings! Try mixing and matching flat back diamond studs with tiny, diamond, earlobe hugging hoops. Put squares, rounds AND pears in your extra holes and go from meh to hmmm!



Our ears are an excellent canvas for self-expression. Think of them as extra real estate on your body, waiting to be adorned.

Try our leave-on, sleep-in, workout, go out FLAT BACKS, so you can comfortably and securely get on with your busy life.

Sparkle Better® 



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