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Travelling in Jewelry; What I wore in Italy

Travelling in Jewelry; What I wore in Italy

I recently returned from a trip to Sicily, with 3 of my oldest friends. The purpose was to celebrate a milestone birthday - never mind which one - so a lot of time and effort went into the research and execution for 10 days of sight seeing, meals and sleeping arrangements, for four very strong, opinionated women. Ultimately, pre-planning paid off, so that the only decision that needed to be made each day, was either red wine, white wine, or both.

Our trip included 3 different hotel locations, a climb of Mount Etna (Europe's largest volcano), chocolate making in Modica and a cooking class in Taormina, plus an electric scooter ride through the Valley of the Temples and a walk on the beach of the Mediterranean, under the bone white cliffs of Scala dei Turchi. Oh and we pledged to go only with carry-on bags.

That meant VERY careful and considered choices about what to put in that precious bit of baggage. And, it meant even MORE scrutiny about what jewelry to wear.

First and foremost, I want to remove as little of my jewelry while travelling as possible. Talk about risky business! Here are my concerns about taking off jewelry in hotel rooms: checking out and accidentally leaving my ring in the safe. Or night table, or bathroom counter. How about the horrible sound of an earring as it bounces from my hand, into the sink and down the DRAIN, in the time it takes to take a breath?

Balance these safety challenges with the style considerations of endless photos of the four of us obliterating the views of ancient civilizations' monuments, a hike up a sandy, ashy mountain and armfuls of sticky pasta dough. Plus looking nice at dinner, so that every restaurant we told of our milestone birthday felt compelled to celebrate us with prosecco or limoncello, or both.

I needed jewelry I could count on to make me look like  my chicest self AND be sleep-in secure. White Lotus meets gritty mountain. Here is what I wore:

  • Earrings, I start here for max wattage:
    • White gold, diamond studs in my primary lobe piercing
    • Pavé-All-Day 5mm hoops, one in my secondary piercing in my left lobe and the other in my right, upper helix
    • With the Band Cuff stacked below PAD Cuff on my mid-left ear
  • Necklaces, which I layered above the collar of my t-shirt:
  • Apple Watch: metal band worn loosely like a bracelet, very helpful for time changes, step counting and podcasts on long drives
  • Wedding band - I chose to leave my engagement ring behind - pasta making = mess making
  • Funky beaded bracelet - cheap, cheerful and no heartbreak if it gets lost or left behind
    So I chose sparkly pieces to brighten and frame my face, which I could sleep in securely, wake up ready climb a volcano, then shower and head out for an Aperol Spritz and dinner with the Donnas.

        Sparkle Better® 


        btw that's me, second from the right



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