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Who Wore it Best at the Oscars®? -

Who Wore it Best at the Oscars®?

Diamonds took center stage at the 2024 Academy Awards®, elevating the glamour of the evening to unprecedented heights.

With a discerning focus on chokers and earrings designed to frame the face with unparalleled radiance, the red carpet became a dazzling showcase of pure and sparkling diamonds.

Emily Blunt radiated sophistication and confidence, adorning herself with a layered neckline featuring cascading diamond chokers. Her choice epitomized understated opulence, setting a high standard for the night.

Danielle Brooks commanded attention with her luminous presence, choosing a stunning diamond choker paired with megawatt diamond ear drops. Her ensemble not only shone but truly glowed, making her a standout on the red carpet.

Cynthia Erivo embraced an edgy and cool aesthetic, stacking multiple ear piercings and flaunting a nose ring that added a touch of rebellious elegance to her look. Her bold choices rendered her one of the most memorable figures on stage.

Grace Gummer took a boho-chic approach with a super long diamond pendant that added an intriguing shine to the down slope. Her unconventional style contributed to the night's eclectic mix of diamond-adorned personalities.

Greta Lee seamlessly integrated her diamond bracelet with a gorgeous tattoo on her right arm, while her earrings illuminated her already stunning face. The deliberate interplay of jewelry and body art showcased a distinctive sense of style.

Best Actress winner Emma Stone chose a necklace that harmonized with the stage and camera lights, enhancing her already glowing face. Her impeccable choice demonstrated a keen understanding of how diamonds can accentuate natural radiance.

Ariana Grande introduced a playful tone to the red carpet with delicate pink stones that framed her face and neckline. Contrary to their delicate appearance, these stones exuded a serious amount of bling, proving that elegance can be both lighthearted and luxurious.

Greta Gerwig, the creative force behind the bold statement film "Barbie," made an equally bold appearance in a mega-sparkly diamond statement choker. Dangling from it was a super-sized pear-shaped diamond, creating a visually stunning and memorable ensemble that required no additional earrings.

America Ferrera's smile took center stage, surrounded by a diamond and rubellite choker that added a dazzling touch to her overall presence.

Florence Pugh, with her bold and sculpted snake of diamonds, sparkled in an elegant, unique, and deeply personal way. Her choice of jewelry reflected her distinctive personality, making her a standout on the red carpet.

Finally, Charlize Theron reigned supreme in a magnificent collar and high necklace combo, adorned in stunning diamonds. Her regal presence and the brilliance of her chosen pieces made a lasting impression, marking her as one of the evening's undeniable style icons.

The 2024 Academy Awards® proved that diamonds are not just accessories; they are essential elements that elevate red carpet fashion to extraordinary heights. The night's array of diamond-studded looks showcased the versatility, sophistication, and sheer opulence that diamonds bring to the forefront of Hollywood glamour. Each celebrity, in their unique way, demonstrated that when it comes to making a statement, diamonds truly are an Oscar® nominee's best friend.

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